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A portable, secure and verified digital wallet for learning, work and life.


Reimagining how we navigate the learner journey

At ASU, we aspire to what President Crow calls the fifth realm of education — infinitely scalable learning. In service to that vision, we need infinitely scalable ways to showcase that learning and match it to jobs of the future. Learner empowerment is the most vital accelerant to accomplish this. 

So, we’re designing a solution — under the moniker Pocket — built on trust that offers nearly unlimited capacity for students to capture their learner journey and connect their skills with jobs of the future

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A digital wallet and portfolio for the lifelong learner. 

While the transcript is still the official benchmark for learning, it does not capture the increasingly complex story of a learner’s journey and full breadth of capabilities acquired along the way. 

We are building Pocket as a digital wallet and portfolio that captures and stores the holistic evidence of learning — what students create in any format — and gives them the autonomy to securely share it with employers and further education.

Here’s how it works:

At ASU, we recognize that learning happens across the lifetime. Using Pocket, learners can earn and add the skills, knowledge, experiences gained during their education and work, providing learners with more control over their future advancements.

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all evidence of learning from multiple sources, including achievements in training, education or work.

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unique digital portfolios to build, store and own your comprehensive learning journey and showcase the full breadth of your work.

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your portfolio of skills and achievements to new opportunities in work and education.

Built to ensure the highest levels of trust.

Digital trust and security are our top priorities. Using the latest advances in digital identity and distributed technology, Pocket will enable learners to control how their digital credentials are shared and with whom.

Our approach

We are building an ecosystem where learners, institutions and employers are seamlessly connected to more efficiently and effectively connect the right people to best opportunities.



Learners are at the center of our ecosystem. By providing nearly unlimited capacity for students to capture the full breadth of the learner journey and match skills with jobs of the future, we increase learner agency.


As institutions equip students with the skills, knowledge and experiences to succeed, a digital wallet and portfolio allows students to collect evidence of their learning and connect it to jobs of the future. In doing so, we help learners realize the true value of their course credentials. 


Inside of Pocket, employers will be able to match jobs directly with learners' verified skill sets, creating a pipeline for qualified candidates to apply, while also empoweringemployers to add on-the-job skills to an employee’s digital wallet.

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